The Different Car Accident Injuries

If you obtained your American driving license at 16 years old,you are likely to experience some kind of car crash by the time you are 34. In your driving history,you may have three to four accidents. There is a high likelihood that these crashes will not be fatal. However,they can leave you with injuries.

The Most Popular Car Accident Injury

This is whiplash. It is the sudden movement of the neck and the head because of a rear-end collision. It can lead to ligament and muscle damage.

Head and Brain Injuries

These are very serious injuries. The head is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. A crash is likely to injure your head. There can be internal bleeding or even skull fractures.

Spinal Injuries

A spinal cord injury can lead to loss of sensation and movement. If it is severe,it can cause disability.

Broken Bones

An accident can break bones. This is very painful. If there is no treatment,you could end up with infections. Broken bones might also require surgery,especially if not treated properly.

Pain and Suffering

A vehicle accident can result in pain and suffering. In most cases,there is physical pain caused by injuries. Hospitalization for a long time because of an accident will cause physical suffering.

There can also be mental suffering. An accident can result in disability. Being disabled can cause the loss of a job. A disabled person will find it hard to do some things he or she used to do before being disabled. This can cause mental suffering.

Victims of Michigan car accidents need to obtain compensation for pain and suffering. The compensation obtained should pay all the medical bills and leave behind a good sum of money.

The Bottom Line

Car accidents are common. There might be casualties and injuries as a result of an accident. The injured individuals will require timely treatment and will likely need help from a injury lawyer with experience.