Common Car Accident Injuries

The extreme forces triggered by accidents can lead to a host of physical injuries. Some of these will be readily apparent because of the immediate pain and visual evidence. Others take time to manifest,but are still quite dangerous. It would be prudent for everyone involved to go straight to a hospital for a thorough checkup and a series of lab tests. The results can be used as evidence when filing for claims or pursuing a lawsuit. Below are among the most common car accident injuries.

Broken Bones

Occupants of a car can suffer from broken bones,especially around the torso and the extremities. The part of the vehicle that bears the brunt of the impact can collapse and press onto the body. For example,the steering wheel may crush the ribs and the legs may be fractured.

Soft Tissue Injuries

The muscles and tendons can suffer from severe damage as well. They may be stretched to the point of breaking and these will take a long time to heal. They are also very painful and can cause mobility issues. It may become difficult to walk and move around for a while.

Neck and Back Injuries

The neck can snap back and forth or side to side depending on the direction of the impact. Either way,the violence and suddenness of the movement can cause a problem called whiplash. The back can also start to ache because of spinal cord damage,herniated discs,and strained muscles.

Head and Brain Injuries

Lastly,car occupants should be mindful of injuries to the head. Some are superficial and will only affect the face. Cosmetic surgery may be needed to get things back to normal. Others are far more serious such as brain injuries. There could be swelling,internal bleeding,and skull fractures. Doctors will look for signs of all these injuries during checkup,and a - can help you get compensated.

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