Saline Breast Implants

Who would have thought a simple question could be so confusing? Which saline, silicone, or candy-like breast implant type should you choose for natural looking results? You may also have heard that gum implants are the secret to achieving a natural appearance in your breast augmentation surgical procedure. They’re also among the most popular implant types used today. So what’s really the difference between the three?

As mentioned above, saline is the cheapest and the least invasive breast implant type. It’s the type used by most plastic surgeons for breast enhancement, though it may not be ideal for all patients because of the extra cost. Surgical incisions are made less often, but saline breast implants do require an incision. For more information about Saline Breast Implants, contact Tacoma Plastic Surgeon Dr Michael Cohen from Bayview Plastic Surgery.

Silicone is another breast augmentation option that is more expensive than saline. However, some women find that their breasts are more sensitive to the sensation of silicone breast implants. Because of the sensitivity, they should not be used on people with a history of breast cancer. A good surgeon will be able to tell you if silicone implants are right for you, though it’s not as common as saline implants.

Gummy bear-like breast implants are probably the least popular of all three types, but they do have advantages and disadvantages. Gummy bear-like implants are usually made of a plastic called silicone. Some women feel that the gel-like texture of the implant does not suit their natural breasts. Other women have even described them as “candy-like” because of their “gel-like” consistency.

Another disadvantage of gummy bear-like breast implants is that they can be very uncomfortable. If your implant does not fit properly, you can be in a state of tingling and burning sensations for a few weeks. If the implant does not go in smoothly, the pain will be more severe.

There are many advantages to using gummy bear-like implants for breast augmentation. They’re easy to insert and clean, the color and texture don’t change as easily over time, they are generally less painful, and they’re the safest breast implant choice for women with no history of breast cancer. Gummy bear-like implants are a bit more expensive than other breast implants, but their prices have decreased over time. For more information about Saline Breast Implants, contact Tacoma Plastic Surgeon Dr Michael Cohen from Bayview Plastic Surgery.

Silicone breast implants do provide a better appearance than the other two implants discussed here, but there are drawbacks as well. For example, they are not as comfortable. The implants need to be removed more often. You may also find that they make your breasts too heavy. Many women experience some bleeding after the surgery, though the blood loss can be minimal.

Whichever type of breast implants you decide, be sure to talk with your doctor about your options and choose the one that’s right for you. If you think you are a good candidate for breast implants, you should go in for a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will be able to discuss the pros and cons of each option and help you choose the best breast implants for you.

It is important to remember that saline breast implants are very much different than silicone or saline filled breast implants. While both of these implants are the same consistency, their main difference is that they are filled with saline. Because the filling is made with a liquid rather than solid material, it is more difficult to implant, which means that it is a lot more expensive than breast implants made from solid materials like silicone.

Breast implants are also very different from saline-filled saline implants. In the former case, your breast tissue is actually sewn into the implant, rather than pushed into the implant itself. This results in a firmer, larger and higher degree of firmness.

With this type of implant, there is also less chance of leakage or infection. since there is not enough liquid to leak out. If the implant is not placed properly, there is a greater chance of the leak causing damage to the tissue surrounding the implant, which could cause permanent scarring.

If you are considering breast implants, talk with your doctor about the pros and cons of using both types of implants. In general, it is a better idea to choose the one that feels best to you and looks the way you want it to.

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